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The Greater Birmingham Humane Society, founded in 1883, is the largest and oldest humane society in Alabama. Over the course of our history we have witnessed the changes in our community and yet have never left the original mission of Dr. Phillips "to promote respect for life through education and prevention of cruelty to animals and people".

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is an open access humane society, meaning that we will accept any owned animal in need of our services. We are not, however, an animal control agency. There are several such agencies in the Jefferson County area that are funded by local and county tax dollars. While these agencies are funded to care for the stray animal population and to control the risk of rabies in the community, we were established to help care for the unwanted owned animals of the community. To this end, we receive no city, county, state, or federal tax dollars for our work. We are funded by generous donors in our community and abroad.

The generous contributions we receive help fund the many programs that we offer to the community. Some of these programs are:

  • Animal Cruelty Investigations: The GBHS has a humane investigator that works with local law enforcement agencies to end suffering and prevent future neglect and abuse.
  • Humane Education: The GBHS Humane Educator goes into schools and has developed pet friendly lessons that are in keeping with the Alabama state curriculum.
  • Adoptions: The GBHS tries to rehome as many of the wonderful pets that are surrendered to us as we can. Our adoption program is designed to find responsible families for these pets where they can live long, healthy, and happy lives.
  • Pet Surrendering: The GBHS accepts any owned animal that is in need of a new home. We also offer counseling services to help owners try and keep their pets.
  • Disaster Preparation: The GBHS works in coordination with the local EMA and is prepared to assist families in the event of a disaster. We also offer information to help families better prepare for severe weather and other disasters.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: The GBHS offers a wide variety of volunteer positions for people of all ages. Volunteering not only helps the pets at the GBHS, but it can have a healing effect upon the volunteer as they receive unbiased love from the homeless pets at the GBHS.

The above list does not cover all of our services; however, it does cover the ones that are most public and are most often utilized by the community.

It is our goal to continue serving the pets and people of this community and we hope we can count on you to help end the needless suffering of pets that we witness daily. You can help make a difference in the community by making a contribution or becoming a volunteer today!

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The Greater Birmingham Humane Society's mission is to promote the humane treatment of animals and people through education, advocacy, and services.