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One of our goals is to keep pets in their home and to educate adopters such that the transition process as simple as possible. We hope the following sections of our website will aid you in the care of your pet.

  • Disaster Preparation: Learn how you can be prepared to act when disaster strikes.
  • Pet Care: Not all pets have the same needs, nor do they all come pre-trained. The articles in this section are designed to help you in the care and training of your pet through all stages of their life.
  • Pet Safety Each season brings a new safety hazard to your pets. However, you can be prepared and keep your pet safe from harm.
  • Pet Friendly Housing: Before making a move, learn how you can find a home that will permit you to keep your pet(s).
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The Greater Birmingham Humane Society's mission is to promote the humane treatment of animals and people through education, advocacy, and services.