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Disasters occur suddenly and without warning! Despite one's inability to know when a disaster will strike, you can be prepared when it does. The following actions will help you and your family be ready in the event of a disaster. It is important to remember that not all disasters are wide spread. Your family may avoid a hurricane and yet face a catastrophic house fire.

Plan Ahead - Add these items to your family's emergency kitdog_kissing_girl

  • Carrier or leash for each pet
  • Collar with ID on each pet
    • Current rabies tag and tag with your name & contact numbers
    • Have your pet microchipped or tatooed
  • Food & water on plastic water proof containers
  • Food & water bowlscat_in_window_160
  • Necessary Medications
  • Familiar blanket or bedding & toys
  • Current photos of pets
  • Written description of pets with any identifying features
  • Inoculation records including rabies certificates
  • Veterinary contact information

Act Quickly When Disaster Approaches

  • Bring outside animals inside
  • Make sure all collars are attached and securely fastened
  • Check that all supplies are handy
  • Cage small animals and leash larger dogs
  • Go to your safe place with family, pets, and emergency supplies

REMEMBER - If it’s not safe for you or your family it’s not safe for your pets!

For additional disaster preparation information, visit The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Ready Campaign website.
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