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GBHS Wish List

Your gifts will help the GBHS apply more of its funding to the care of homeless pets.
Contact us today
if you have any questions about the items we need.

Items currently needed:

  • Financial support
  • Cat litter
  • NEW cat litter pans and scoops
  • New/gently used collars and leashes
  • Unopened and in-date dry food (dogs & cats) for Pet Pantry
  • New toys for puppies
  • Newspaper rolls
  • Cat toys
  • PetAg (brand name) milk replacement (kittens & puppies)
  • Elizabethan collars
  • Pill Pockets (brand name)
  • Fleece blankets (fleece only please)
  • Rope & rubber toys for dogs
  • Kong® Classic or Kong® Extreme toys for dogs (used during snack time)
  • Nylabones for dogs
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Soft dog & cat treats
  • Gallon size zip-lock bags
  • Pet waste bags
  • Cleaning, medical or office supplies (copy paper, dry-erase markers, etc.)
  • Alfalfa-based rabbit food
  • Wooden rabbit toys

Items NOT needed at this time: 

  • Canned wet food (dogs & cats)
  • Bath & hand towels
  • Large towels
  • Baby blankets (non-fleece) 
  • Ceramic bowls 
  • Rawhide chews
  • Sheets
  • Heavy blankets & quilts
  • Training pads
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The Greater Birmingham Humane Society's mission is to promote the humane treatment of animals and people through education, advocacy, and services.