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Pet Surrendering

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) would like to find a home for every animal we receive. However, you should be aware that adoption from our facilities may not be possible even for healthy, friendly, well-behaved pets.

We accepts owner surrender pets ONLY, no stray animals (unless they are under rabies age). If the pet is a stray animal, please contact Birmingham Jefferson Animal Control at 205-591-6522 (or the animal control agency in your area).

The GBHS is able to receive pets during normal business hours at our main facility on Snow Drive. Since we receive no city, county, state or federal funding, a surrender fee is necessary to help offset the costs of caring for your pet(s) until we can find them a new home. In addition to the cost of daily care and food, all our animals receive a complete vet check, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, heartworm test and heartworm/flea preventive (for dogs), FELV/FIV test and flea/ear mites preventive (for cats), and micro-chipping.

We request a minimum surrender fee donation of $20.
If you are able to donate more toward these expenses, 
it would be greatly appreciated.

When surrendering a pet:

  • Bring your driver’s license or identification.
  • Your pet should be securely confined in a carrier or on a leash.
  • Bring your pet’s veterinary records and any medications he/she requires.
  • You may donate unused food, cat litter, grooming supplies, toys or bedding.

The pet surrendering staff will record information about you and your pet. Your pet will be evaluated for possible adoption if it is healthy, well socialized, and we have both pre-adoption and adoption space available.

Because we receive hundreds of homeless pets each week, we are not able to care for frightened, aggressive or unsocialized pets; treat sick or injured pets; or house senior, unweaned or pregnant pets, unless we can provide appropriate foster homes for temporary care.

Once you surrender ownership of your pet to us it will no longer belong to you. Its stay with us may be many weeks or less than a day. You cannot be contacted before your pet is euthanized and will not be given information about the animal if you call or email.

Although we cannot predict its future once you relinquish ownership, you may rest assured that your pet will be treated with kindness, dignity and compassion.

To learn more, call us at 205-397-8534.

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